2nd Floor Balcony with Spirial Staircase


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2nd Floor Balcony with Spirial Staircase

I want to build a 2nd story Balcony with a spirial staircase down to an existing deck. I want the balcony to be 36' deep. It will run 13 feet on each wall around a corner of home. I will cut out a 30 inch door on one end where there is a window and I want a 40" Diameter 9 foot High Spirial Staircase at the other end.

My question is can I build this attached to the existing House by building a ledger board bolted to the existing studs and then what size lumber requirements will ther be to carry this weight?

Will a 2' X 6" Box Deck Frame work for 36" deep?

Is there a metal braket hardware I can bolt to the wall to hang the Balcony so it will hang straight out without any poles or bracing up or down?

Do I need a post bracing system either to the roof or to the ground on the corner or can I somehow use a beam design to match the roof structure bolted in to the second story wall & floor section underneath to hold the Balcony 36" Deep Deck Floor straight out?

If so what size Beam do I need to support this 36" deep Balcony Deck?

Can I use the same Rail system as on the floor deck below at 36" high?
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Welcome to DoItYourself.com and the deck forum.

3 things stand out like sore thumbs after my first reading of your post.

First -- the spiral staircase will have to be a 40" RADIUS, not "diameter" as you stated. (Pretty sure you mean that -- you want the treads to be at least 36" wide, right??)

Second -- no, you can't just project a deck out 3' without some sort of a support beam at or near the outer edge.

Third -- the project requires a permit. Obtaining that will answer most of your questions.

And fourth (now that I've had a second to think about it) -- will the lower deck SUPPORT the upper deck??

There's a WHOLE lot more to the project that you are descibing than you are aware of, based on your post and the questions that you have asked. You need to leave AT LEAST the design of it to a pro.
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Thank you very much for this responce. With your feedback I have re-evaluated the construction and engineering challanges of this project. I believe I can provide the proper structural elements you have mentioned by moving the spiral staircase to the corner where the two balconies need the support.

I can find out from an expert in order to permit the sizing requirements to properly build this new design. I now will not need to alter the existing front right roof overhang (South East end of Balcony) to build the spirl staircase. I will construct a 4" X 4" or what ever size post will carry the load of a 36" deep Balcony from underneath this roof overhang all the way down through the 36" high existing deck and mount to a proper concrete footing underneath the first floor decking.

Then the center pole from the spiral staircase can become the Corner Post structure for the stairs and the two 13' X 36" Balconies joining at the South West Corner of the house. Also, the Pool is on the West side of the house so this will be better to have this staircase on the pool side anyway. You are right about the 40" Diameter. I can now use a 5' or even 6' spirl staircase because there will now be plenty of room and a 9' X 9' concrete deck pad area for this to me supported.

I do not know if I can bolt this right onto the 4" concrete pool deck or if I will need to cut our a hole in this deck and pour a different structural footing pad to accomodate the proper bracketing for this pole?

I'm looking into buying a metal spirl staircase vs. trying to build this all with wood. I think the hardest part swould be the spiral railing?

What do you think is the best way to do this? Buy a metal frame work and then cover with wood to match the all Wood House or just build this from scratch with all wood parts?

Maybe just a metal center pole will work with wood stairs somehow bolted to this pole?

How about some special Spiral Stair metal support brackets with end poles to support these wood steps?

The North West Balcony will be supported by a 4' Wall protruding West from the Master Bedroom Loft where I can remove an exsiting window to install a 30" Door. This should not be too much of an engineering feat. My thought was to bolt a 36" deep ledger or support piece to this 4' wall by cutting into the wall and attaching to the existing joists or wall structure. I would need to find out the engineering requirements such as do I need a 2" X 8", 2" X 6" or what size to hold this 36" deep X 13' Wide Balcony Decking.

I spent 18 years in the Furniture Manufacturing Business for my first career. I was the "Grandfather" of the Entertainment Furniture Category in the Furniture Industry. Since I started out when I was twenty one years old I did not have any engineering or construction experience from this background.

My second career was 12 years in the ATM Business, so I have not yet learned about engineering or construction. I love design and building something from scratch. I'm sure this is a common thrill to create a design and then execute the project to the completed work of art. This is what excites me to learn as I go and to except the challanges I'm facing to get the job done right.

This project is for my own house so I can learn the hard way and hopefully not make any mistakes or build this project incorrectly. I have an eye and the vision for design. I just need help to make sure I build the design with the best possible outcome, materials available and both structurally and legally correct to be portperly permited by my city Building Department.

Once again I truly appreciate your candid and helpful response. It has already helped me tremendously. I hope to hear from you again.

Sincerely, Andy Karsh

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