Wind driven rain leaking were porch stoop meets the house


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Wind driven rain leaking were porch stoop meets the house

This problem is driving me crazy. I have tried multiple repairs yet nothing seems to work. I will try and explain the problem as best I can.

I have a Cape Cod home. I have a covered (roofed) porch stoop. The porch stoop floor is also the ceiling of my 7X7 fruit cellar. When wind driven rain occurs, water seeps down right were the stoop meets the house. The water pours through to the fruit cellar but not to the basement side of the wall.

The siding of the home is new. I have caulked around the door thresh Hold, around all the seals were the stoop meets the house. I have sealed the roof above the stoop, assuming that the water could be coming from under the siding and finding it's way down to the fruit cellar. I have installed drip edge to the house roof in case the water was finding it's way under the Fascia board

I am guessing I need flashing behind the siding were the stoop meets the seal of the house. The problem is I don't know the first thing about siding or flashing for that matter.

My questions are;
Do you think I am on the right track?
Who do I get to do this job? Siding companies won't come because it is to small a job. Any help would be appriciated.
If you need more explination, I will be glad to explain
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you need a wall flashing that attches to the siding and run on the pourch roof.
like a L shape flashing
you must install the flat part under the siding
you can check this

good luck
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Wind driven rain

Is there a way to tell where the origan of the rain is coming from. IE At roof level coming behind the siding to the porch stoop or It is coming it right at stoop level. If it is coming from roof level, wouldn't the inside wall be wet???
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Hi Pargolf,
I am not a roofer or a sider and I certainly don't intend any confusion. I just wanted to share what was happening at my place under similar circustances.
I have an old slider (aluminum and soon to be replaced this spring) facing the west. Everytime it rained with the wind blowing from the west (and only then) I would find the inside wall below was wet. What I have figured out is the slider thresh hold was seperated from the the jambs at the bottom where the two meet. I caulked this area and also for good measure I removed the screws that held the threshold to the floor and sealed those with caulk and replaced the screws. This seems to have stopped my problem. The rain would collect in the track of the thresh hold and leak right at the jamb down into the wall. This had been going on for a while I can see as there was some wood damage. This will all come off this spring. I have lived there for 4 years and never had a problem until a couple of months ago. I hope this helps you sort things out.

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