Built up beam question


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Built up beam question

(12X16 new deck) My deck will be about 10' off the ground. I am using a built up beam that is 10 from the house (parallel). I intend on my joists going from the house out to the beam and past it two feet. The joists will be 2x8 16" o.c.. The beam is made from 3 6X6 and I will attach 2X10 to each side of them. So I have 3 posts. I guess my butt connection between the 2x10's will both fall on the middle post. My deck width will be 16'. I guess I could purchase 16' long 2X10's but that would be hard for me to transport home.

So if I use 4 8' 2X10s to construct the beam and the seams meet on the center post is this a bad idea? What do I do to make that connection strong? I plan on putting 6x6 blocking inbetween the 2X10's out in the 7' spans between the posts. (I am cantilevering the last foot on each end of the beam)
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I'd get the 16' boards

I'd get the 16' board. Otherwise - yes - your butt joints have to be at the posts...and even then - you are only going to get <3inches of coverage for each board. At 10' - I'd pay for the delivery.

My advice: Pay Home Depot $75 for the delivery of all your wood. Its worth it.

Or - rent their truck for $20 and get 75 minutes to make your own delivery (not sure you can do that with 16' board)
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Use 16' lumber for the beam -- NOT 8' stuff!!

Either have it delivered, or rent a truck or a flat bed trailer to get it there. How long are your deck boards going to be? How are you going to get them there? Figure out EVERYTHING you need to build the deck and have it all delivered at one time. That's probably enough $$ that a lumberyard would not charge for delivery.

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