wooden porch steps


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wooden porch steps

We are replacing the wood steps that go up to our front porch (that is also made of wood).

Currently, there are 3 steps in "not-so-bad" condition, and a bottom step that came off in peices when we removed the outdoor carpet from the porch.

Should we rebuild all the stairs? Anyone have any good sites with instructions for that?

Or can we get away with just rebuilding the last step? What could we secure it to?

We are planning to carpet over the stairs with a runner.

Here's the twist: The concrete sidewalk that meets up with the steps has been built on a slope for some reason. It belongs to the city (as it is the sidewalk). It slopes away from the house, toward the street significantly.

Any suggestions?
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A photo would be helpful.

With the limited information given, I would probably rebuild the entire stairs. You may be able to use the old stringers as a pattern to cut the new ones.
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I agree with Wirepuller38 -- photos would help. (Post them on a site like photobucket.com and post the URL.)

Replace the entire set. Using one of the existing stringers as a pattern works, AS LONG AS the existing were built properly. (Uniform tread width at least 10" wide, uniform rise for all of the steps between 6" and 8" each, and they don't vary more than 3/8" from the shortest to the tallest, etc.) Simply cut the bottom of the stringer at the angle of the sidewalk so that it rests firmly on the sidewalk, and use Tapcon screws or redheads to anchor it.

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