Am I getting ripped off???


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Am I getting ripped off???

Hi all,

Need some advice and input. I live in Rochester, NY and purchased an old 1,100 square foot house about a year ago for $75,000.

Recently I was quoted for some exterior work to the house;

siding and trim
8 windows
4 block windows for basement
sliding glass door to deck


all for 18,900

Is this a good deal? Am I getting ripped off? How much should this cost? I have 2 days until the deal is finalized. I am a first time home owner and would greatly appreciate your input.


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Don't know the extent of your modifications... but - it sounds like a decent price to me..... I wouldn't do all that work for that amount if I were your GC....... But - I tend to do "over the top" work....
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Currently the house has old rotting wood for siding. They will be siding over a side door which we will no longer need. The dining room window will be removed and a frame has to be built for a sliding glass door. There is no deck so that is brand new and the porch is simply a platform with 2 beams... so that is new as well. And the windows, currently they're the old ones with the pully systems- they will be updated obviously.
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Decks can get expensive fast. One place we went to quoted us nearly $8k for the materials alone - and the deck is not that big (about 12 x 25) or complicated. I can't even imagine what the labor cost would be...

Regardless, get a second opinion. I did a little digging and found the same deck materials for 40% less.
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The price you were quoted, is a very good price. Your having alot of work done. There is one thing I might mention. You have old home with alot of work that needs to be done. Your contractor is probably going to run into something unforseen that will need to be fixed. This will be extra. Sometimes they fix little things and don't charge you for it. I am just letting you know before hand that this may happen. Don't get upset, that is just how it is. For instance, your going to have your house resided. Under the old siding there may be some house sheeting that needs replacing due to rot. This are unforseen items. Have fun, you will have a nice house when your done. Good Luck
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If I were quoted 18K for that much work I would probably wonder why it was so cheap. Some of the cost will depend on the price of materials. Before you sign a contract make sure you understand exactly what materials (and what quality) your contractor is going to use.
For example, if he intends to use low end windows and doors, you might be better off paying a little more for better quality products.
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