Composite Deck..

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Composite Deck..

Hello everyone,
thank you for all the advice on my previous thread. I have decided to replace the floor boards on my deck with composite decking. It seems that Certainteed boardwalk is very popular in this forum so I decided to go that rout. I was able to find a dealer that will sell me 20ft pieces at $1.90 a linear foot, this seems to be a bargain since Veranda costs $2.10 a ft. at HD.
My questions to all are these. What are your experiences with Certainteed Boardwalk, is it a good product? Since this will be my first time doing this sort of project, what advise can you guys give me. Spacing between each boards what should they be, weather will be in the 50's this weekend. Since I was thinking about pre-drilling, what drill bits do I need to get.
Second part of my project will be painting over the remaining part of the deck which was painted with Glidden porch and deck paint. Do I have to prime over the dark paint since I will be going with white?
Sorry for the long post and thank you in advanced for your help. It just feels so good to do your own work around the house. And having people out there like yourselves in this forum make projects like these, doable to novice DIY like myself..

thank you again...
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The cost difference between deck boards at $1.90 per ft. vs. $2.10 per ft. is virtually nothing. At 1,000 ft. you are talking the difference between $1900 and $2100. Add in the cost of the framing mat'l and the fasteners, and you're looking at the difference between $2900 and $3100. Get the one you like the looks of best.

I have never installed either of the brands that you mentioned. Veranda isn't available here, and the cost of shipping in the Boardwalk (it would be a 'special order item') is prohibitive. But use Trap Ease screws and you shouldn't have to predrill anything , except possibly at the end of each board. I never do. I install them with a stand-up screw gun. Use an 1/8" bit for that, and you only need to go through the deck board, not into the joists.
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Do you have experience with TimberTech? I live just outside Buffalo, NY so we have extreme weather swings of subzero in winter to 90s in summer. I'll be starting from scratch. There's so many composite materials that it's hard to know which is good. Thanks.


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