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Question trench footing help

I want to add a screened porch to my Oswego, IL house. I used to live in Plainfield and put in a screened porch using posts in concrete sonotubes as a support. Oswego requires a trench footing. I have had several estimates ranging from $1400 to $7000 to do my foundation. My basic question is: What is required for a trench footing?
Can it be just the footing, then use tubes to support the deck of the screened porch, or do I need to put in a footing, then a wall on top of that up to grade?

For the footing, do I need rebar in the footing, or do you just trench it out, and fill it with concrete? What thickness do you need to make the footing? I am wanting to DIY to save $$, but don't really know anything about this footing? Thanks in advance.
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trench footing help

Did you get that information from the code people?

It sounds like they are interpreting your screen porch as an addition attached to your home. That is probably the reasom for the type of foundation.

Since you are unsure about the construction requirements, it would be good to meet the permit people and find out whether your project is considered to be an addition (and foundation requirements) or if it can be trated as a different class of construction that could use sonotubes below the frost level.

Since you are in IL, your foundation will have to support the snow load, the deck live load and the dead structure load.

If it looks like you are setting yourself up for a 3 season porch that could eventually become another room in the future, they will see through that common tactic if they know what they are doing.
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Red face screen porches and 3 season rooms

In the Oswego villiage code
It states "All additions and accessory roofed structures attached to the primary structure shall have a minimum of either a trenched footing or footing and wall configuration. The minimum required size for a trenched footing is ten(10) inches wide and fourty-two inches below the surrounding grade."
Earlier in teh year, the main page of the Oswego website had a quote" If it has a roof, it has a foundation". The local contractors I talked with tell me it is because Naperville ( a larger neighboring town) adoped this code, so if it is good for Naperville...

We really want a screened porch (we had one in our last house for 16 years, and never thought to turn it into a 3-season room). Of course, we will do everything by the codes. I want to have an understanding when I go to the village, so I don't sound totally dumb...

Is the trench footing just a footing? Once that is in place, can I use the sonotubes to span the rest of the 42" to grade (and a bit)? What do I back fill the remainder of teh trence with? Can I use the clay I dig out in the first place, or do I have to get gravel? Or so I have to pour an entire wall in the trench? Even if it is not necessary, is it a good idea versus sonotubes?

Thanks for your help.
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