Wood Porch Roof vs Aluminum Awning

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Wood Porch Roof vs Aluminum Awning


We had a crazy storm here in buffalo in October and some tree limbs came down on my aluminum awning. It did not damage the awning itself, but it snapped the main under-support in the center of the awning that runs from the house to the front of the awning. This is causing the awning to sag in the center and pull away from the house.
The awning is approximately 15' wide by 12' deep, and has to be at least 25+ years old, and was not in the best of shape to begin with (patched holes, etc.), but it WAS structurally sound.
I have an insurance adjuster coming to look at it today. Does anyone know if these can be repaired, or if it is something more likely to need replacing? (I am afraid the ins. co. will try to say the will only pay to repair not replace, and I have yet to find info on people who repair aluminum awnings.)

IF it needs to be replaced, is it more cost effective to replace the entire thing with another aluminum awning or look to have someone build a wood porch cover/roof over our low cement slab porch? We would prefer wood but I know the insurance will go for the most cost effective route.

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It obviously depends on what the insurace adjuster will do for you, but if they suggest total replacement, I would NOT switch to a wood roof. As you mentioned, your aluminum roof was still structurally sound after 25+ years. They are a great value that usually does not need maintenance other than an occasional power washing.

If you switch to a wood roof I think you'll be disappointed.

If they suggest the roof be repaired, you would need to contact a company that sells and installs carports or sunrooms. You may have trouble finding someone to repair it, as they will be hard pressed to guarantee any repairs to a damaged roof. The roof company would likely suggest you replace it, whereas the insurance company might only want to repair- or only pay a percentage of the cost of replacement. Perhaps the roof / sunroom company you contact will go to bat for you by contacting the insurance company (if their recommendation is to totally replace).

If your insurance wants to pro-rate the roof based on it's age... I'd argue that an aluminum roof is not like a wood or shingle roof that gets worse with age. Aluminum roofs don't usually leak no matter how old they get. But getting something from your insurance will be better than nothing, so be reasonable and work with them.

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