Wood posts in paver patio

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Wood posts in paver patio

I am currently planning a new paver patio and patio roof. My question concerns anchoring for the roof posts. I am going to use 8x8 posts for aesthetic reasons. They are going to be postioned on the patio. I don't want the concrete anchors for the posts to be visible but I also don't want the wooden posts to be surrounded by gravel, sand, and concrete pavers.

Any ideas on the best system for anchoring the posts? Something that will alow the concrete to be under the patio and the posts above it, yet still support an 8x8.
I have a few thoughts but I would appreciate any help I can get.
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Wood posts in paver patio

The normal application for this detail is to pour sonotubes for the post support (depth determined by the frost level). Keep the tops low enought to use a steel bracket to be below the bottom of the concrete pavers.

Lay the pavers using a 4"-6" compacted gravel base and a 1" setting bed. I assume you will use eithe 60mm (2 - 3/8") or 80mm (3 - 1/8") interlocking pavers.

You can use any pattern you chose. As you lay the pavers, use a saw to cut the pavers and fit around the posts. Some patterns/shapes will require much more cutting than others. Do a little planning when you do your paver layout, since you may be able to shift the patio slightly a small amount (not noticeable) that can minimize the small paver pieces. Probably the best shape and pattern would be the "Holland" shape (about 4x8 brick) laid in a herringbone pattern.

You may be tempted to eliminate cutting since the pavers may have one dimension close to the size of the 8x8 posts you are using. Do not do it! The appearance of the accurate saw cuts gives the patio a very finished appearance that you do not get since the pavers have the exterior top edges chamfered and the saw cuts are not. - A little more work, but you will not have too many posts. - It is similar to laying out a suspended ceiling grid where you do not a lot of little pieces at the edges.

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Dick (Concretemasonary) has given you some excellent advise, but you are going to have to have at least a portion of the steel post bases exposed. Assuming that you'll be using stand-off post bases, set the height of the sonotubes so that they are about flush or slightly below the bottom of the pavers, and the bottom of the post is above the bottom of the pavers. Once the pavers are in place, the only potion of the post bases that will show will be the supporting legs that the posts are attached to. Paint them to match the posts and they won't be all that noticable.

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