Stand alone deck for hottub

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Stand alone deck for hottub

I am installing my hot tub beside an existing deck at my new house.
I would like to raise the tub about 1.5 to 2 feet above ground level so that the height next to the deck is reasonable.

I was planning on building a stand alone deck for the hot tub to sit on. I realize the the deck needs to be built very strong to support the weight. My question is in regards to the ground support for the deck.
Would 9 deck pads (12" X 12" X 4" concrete blocks) dug just below the sod and placed on on a few inches of gravel provide enough support for the deck?

I would probably have 3 double 2x8s across the blocks, then 2x8s 12" apart running perpendicular then the decking boards.

As I live in Manitoba our soil is mostly clay and we do get winter freezing
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You know the deck has to be built strong to hold the tub. Now know the support has to be built strong to hold the deck. Many of the posts on here relate to the regular deck not being supported well. Yours will not be a regular deck. Dig below the frost line and put in 9 sonitube supports to the level you were thinking of the pads then set the pads there and continue on. Or eliminate the pads and use proper hardware to attatch your beams to the concrete. You will not be sorry if you overbuild the support but if you under build it and later find the tub unusable you would be sad.

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