Rusting/Decaying Iron (Porch) support posts?

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Question Rusting/Decaying Iron (Porch) support posts?

I have a small house that has a small porch with an overhang in front..

I believe that the overhang gets support assistance (if not fully) from a couple of iron support posts..

However, I have noticed that the base (where it contacts/connects with the concrete porch) is terribly decayed from much so that at least two of the 'legs' on one of the posts are now completely separated from contact with the concrete porch..

Both of these iron posts are probably around 55 - 60 years old now and have functioned in a sub-tropical kind of climate for their entire duration of existence and I believe that they have been stripped & painted a few times over the years for them to have gotten the mileage out of them that they have gotten through the years..

Now though, I am not quite sure what to do about them..

If this is a potentially dangerous situation, then the easiest thing & quickest thing that I can think of would just be to go out & buy another set of posts...paint 'em & then replace these.....I'm sure I could do it if I propped up the overhang first with some 2 x 8's and then fastened the new iron posts in, however I'm not quite sure about how to go about fastening these posts to the concrete..

In any case, a picture is always worth a thousand words:

Does anyone have any good suggestions as to how I would be able to go about remedying this situation (before my overhang collapses)?

Thanks to all who reply!
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It's time for an update for the front of your home. Replace the dated and oxidated iron posts with columns that complement the style of your home. Local building codes may also require railing with properly spaced balusters and banisters. Check with your local building code office.
Think in terms of resale value. Avoid throwing good money after bad. Get your home updated and competitive with your competition. An updated porch will provide greater curb appeal and add value to your home. After 60 years, the home deserves an updated entry.

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