Long Ledger Board for Deck Question

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Long Ledger Board for Deck Question

Building a deck that is 28 ft long - attached to the house.

How should I do the ledger board? I know i've got to use flashing but should I just but two 2 x 8 boards together to come up with the 28 ft length then caulk the heck out of the joint... or what? Thanks!
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A scarf joint is a little more waterproof than a butt joint, especially if you glue with construction adhesive or similar. A scarf joint consists of two overlapping 45 degree angles.
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Don't use a ledger board and you won't have to worry about the water. I built a second story deck like that. Instead of cutting the posts at the bottom of the deck, extend them to the top of the railing. In other words, they will also be the railing posts. That will make the deck free standing a few inches from the house but you can use 2 brackets to connect it to the house if you feel safer doing that. An architect showed me that design. I'll never use a ledger board again.
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If you have read back very far into this forum you'll know that I'm going to suggest eliminating the ledger and making the deck freestanding.

That said, If you do choose to attach it with a ledger, the joint in the ledger isn't a problem. Leaks in the leger board occur where the FASTENERS go through the wall. They have nothing to do with the joint in the ledger board itself. I would be a little concerned about water getting to the butt ends of the ledger boards, but that is simply a matter of covering the joint with a strip of Vycor, across the top of the joint and under the flashing, and down the face of the ledger boards. Water CANNOT get to the joint.

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