Patio roof to house attachment question


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Patio roof to house attachment question

Hello. Great site with lots of great info.

I am an amateur carpenter with some experience in framing, decks, and roofing.

I am planning to install a 10' x 32' back patio cover on my house. It will have 4x4 uprights, 2x6 header, 2x8 ledger, 2x6 frame, and a preferably a tin roof.

I am pondering how to attach it to the house. The house has a hip roof. The lower edge of the facia board at the house is 7' from the slab.

Option 1 and the one I prefer is pulling off the facia board, installing a 2x8 ledger board using one 3/8 x 6" lag bolt through the ledger and into the ends of each of the house rafter boards. I would then butt the 2x6 patio rafters into the ledger with joist hangers. I would also butt the patio rafters into the 2x6 header at the outside end of the patio with joist hangers. This would give me 7' of headroom at the the house, and 6'6" of headroom at the outside end if I drop the roof 6" for runoff.

The small bump in areas where the roof line is recessed would be framed in behind the ledger and plywood and shingles will cover them, extending the existing shingled roof to the ledger.

I would tar paper over the joint where the ledger meets the house, and then use flashing under the last row of house shingles and extend the flashing either 12" or 18" out over the patio tin roof.

We get quite a bit of rain here, but no snow.

I realize other option is going up and tieing into the house roof, using plywood sheathing, tar paper and then shingle the patio roof.

I would rather use the tin roof option. In your collective experienced opinions, is my plan workable or is it a complete mess?

Do you have any suggestions

Thanks for any help.

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Having only a 6'6" height will get old really quick. The ledger you propose to attach to the rafter tails could possibly pull out, since there is nothing for it to rest on, similar to your floor joists resting on a plate. I would opt to run the roofline up on the existing one at least 8 feet in order to give no less than 7'6" and a good run off angle for water. You can still use "tin", but I am assuming you will really be using enameled steel for roofing, but you will have to flash it really well to continue the run off from the existing roof over the steel roofing. Not the best of situations, but it will work. I think you will find using decking and shingles will look alot better.
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