Why do people shovel their decks?

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Why do people shovel their decks?

The dead weight of the snow isn't nearly that of a human. Spread across the average deck, the weight will be evenly distributed, which is much easier than a group of standing or walking people.

Also, it's my belief that the snow accumulating on the roof that will fall off on to an adjacent deck is better served using the blanket of snow as a cushion.

Am I missing something? Assuming your deck is properly built and installed it would seem like it would take quite a bit of snow (more than you'd ever see) to collapse a deck.
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To get to my gas grill in the winter.

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So the dog can get out to the yard (his toilet).
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I agree with what the previous two posts have stated as well as an additional egress route in case, God forbid, there's some type of emergency preventing me from using the front door and I don't want my family sliding down the ice pack on my deck.
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Because it's there..................
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All valid reasons, I would guess.

When the deck is properly attached the house and does not have stairs down (like most of my neighbors) it can't be used as an egress route or for a dog. I guess then they shovel it for the same reason they stock up on milk and bread.

That is, no reason at all. In our record snowfall here in Virginia (26"-28" depending) I was "snowed in" for all of one day.

I am reminded though how much I would like a steak. Getting to the grill seems like a good idea.
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Many years ago after college, my first job was in NJ, I'm basically from Maine. We got our first 6" snow and I and one other tenet were out clearing the driveway and sidewalks when we noticed the only other tenet standing in his doorway watching. We kidded him about getting his lazy bu** out there to do his share of shoveling. He answered, why, it will all be gone tomorrow? And he was right. The other dumb tenet with a shovel was from Maine as well, but there in lies the difference. Have you ever tried to shovel frozen snow? If you don't get it moved, you risk a warm spell or some rain turning it into a mess when it freezes. At about 3 feet, the building roof structures start to fail. Throw in ice dams and the leaks they cause and we have learned to clear the snow when you can.

An old tradition, born out of necessity up north (from me), is to plow your yard. Yep, and now I can add myself to that group since I picked up a tractor. What a difference it makes to simply "not be closed in" by the winters accumulation of snow.

Virginia, wait until it melts.

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I shovel my deck for the above noted reasons, but I keep one corner with snow on it.
That's where the case of Miller Light sits.

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Why would you adhere to the assumption that people remove snow from their deck simply because of the weight?

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