Approx idea of building steps...


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Approx idea of building steps...

...down a hill to a river/waterfront?

We're thinking about buying a summer cottage, it backs onto a nice river, but it's a steep hill from the property down to the river. We thought about wood steps down onto a dock, but have no clue what that would cost. The distance is approx 75', no idea of the slope degree.

Any ideas? We're in the Northeast.

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A series of landings with steps from one landing to the next. By cleverly spacing the landings, you could maintain the same slope for the stairs. Stretching a string from top to bottom would show how even or uneven the slope actually is. A nice step dimension is a 7 in. high riser and 11 in. tread depth.
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Yes, I too think landing would be best. 16 foot lumber for stair is the longest you get without special ordering. Expect to put 3 per set of stairs. So 3 stringers of 2x12 treated wood then the wood to use as stair treads could also be 2x12 treated. Probably 3 feet wide on the stairs. Then depending on the length of the landing on how many you need to build. Also how high you need to go from bottom to top of the hill also figures in to the equation. So without those figures (height of hill and how many steps you want to climb before you get to a landing) it is hard to figure a cost or how long of stair stringers you need.
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Checkin_in - There are way too many variables for anyone to give an estimate here, even on just materials.

You have to determine what kind of steps you want and that may be dictated some by terrain. You also need to decide how much you're willing to spend.

If you have no intention to DIY this project, your best bet to get is to solicit bids from local, legitimate contractors.
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Very General BOM

Bill of Materials Estimate:
Using 3 stringers per flight with steps 4 ft wide:

Stringer material: 24 pcs. - 2x12 - 10 ft. - treated
Tread material: 75 pcs - 5/4 x 6 - 8ft. - treated
Connectors to connect flights: 5 pcs. 2x8 - 8 ft.- treated
Posts 18 pcs. 4x4 - 6 ft. - treated
Railings 48 pcs. 2x4 - 10 ft - treated
Pickets 360 pcs. treated
Fasteners(As required by your local codes.)

No allowance included for any landings. 7 in. rise and 10 in. run.

Price out the above at your local lumber supplier to get a very general cost estimate for materials.

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You're talking about the steps, but you'll need railing as well.

Like Wayne said, there are simply too many variables involved for anybody to give you ANY sort of guess as to the cost that would mean anything until they actually look at the project.
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Here in the mountains, we have to do switch back landings because the grade is too steep, so once you determine the total drop, you may have to incorporate some of them in. Otherwise you'll never get to the river without falling over your head.

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