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One of my 4x4x8 corner posts on my patio cover has severe dry rot & needs to be replaced. This corner post supports 2x6's coming from two sides at two different levels. I need suggestions on how to support these 2x6's while I replace the corner 4x4 post. Everything is bolted together & is no longer vertical because of the dry rot & needs to be brought back into vertical. Size of Patio Cover is 12 x 20 feet with 2 x 2's on the top of the 2 x 6's that attach to the 4 x 4 x 8 posts. The 2x 6's attach to the header board on the house & to the 3 vertical 4 x 4 x 8 posts.

Suggestions on materials not subject to dry rot will be appreciated.

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I think replacing your 4X4 corner post is only part of your problem, if I understand your post correctly. You have a 12 X 20 patio cover that is only supported by 3 posts???

I am assuming the 20 foot measurement is the part attached to the house, and it extends out 12 feet? If so, you have 10 foot spans between the 3 posts. I would look at installing two additional posts (with 2X6's tied back into the header board, so you get the span down to 5 feet.

OK, having said that, I would support both of the 2X6's with floor jacks (available from rental supply companies. These can be also used to raise the corner that is sagging.

I'd use pressure treated 4X4's, and if they are setting on concrete, I would put a metal stand-off foot (can't remember what they are called), under the posts. These keep the post off of the concrete and out of water. They are basically a metal piece that a 4X4 will fit down into, and they have metal feet on the bottom that raise them up off of the concrete about a half an inch. I'd bolt everything together with 3/8 in carriage bolts.

Good Luck,

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Rick is right on the money. Use the bottle jacks to support everything while you change out the rotten post(s), then add a couple of other 4X4 posts. The bases he is referring to can be found at any lumber yard or home center that carries Simpson Strong-Tie products (and they virtually all do). Look for either an ABA44, and ABE44 or an ABU44. Merry Christmas.

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