I want to expand my 12x12 concrete square patio.....


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I want to expand my 12x12 concrete square patio.....

We have a 12x12 ft (aprox) concrete slab patio--typical builder patio right off back door. We have a pretty big shade tree beside it that is making the grass pretty thin by the house on that side. I was thinking about making a patio in that space, big enough for a couple of patio tables/chairs, and a couple of benches or something like that.

My question is...is there a good way to blend the concrete slab into any kind of paver patio? The picture in my head is of a really nice brick type paver patio contrasing heinously to the concrete slab square that it is built off.

Would that look ok? Or is there some method to make them match better? Or is it better to remove the slab first?

Cost wise...this will be a DIY job, and I need to cut costs wherever possible. I don't think removing the slab will be in the budget.

Thanks for any advice!
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I think you've said it all. Removing the slab and doing it all as one patio would certainly look the best but would be the most work and be the most expensive. How old is the existing concrete slab? If it's nice and new looking you could pour another slab next to it and might be able to get it to match reasonably well. Keep in mind that no two batches of concrete are exactly the same color so there will always be a difference. If the existing slab is older, worn or has some stains and scuffs then I'd do a concrete paver patio or wood/synthetic deck addition. I think a natural gray concrete paver or gray synthetic deck material might look the best.

I have a similar situation at my house. I had an existing driveway and built a patio area next to it. I knew there was no way to match to the 8 year old stained, faded and worn concrete so I have a small gray synthetic decking area leading to a gray concrete paver patio. Since all are shades of gray they work well together. The only reason I have the deck between the old driveway and new paver patio is so I could have a wash down area where dirt and water could disappear through the spaces between the planks. It does make a decent transition between the two differing concrete materials but it's not needed. I think concrete pavers next to poured concrete look nice
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