Using roller to apply deck stain?


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Using roller to apply deck stain?

Hi, is there anything special about using a roller to apply Cabot deck stain to a deck built several years ago and this is the first time staining? I'll power wash it first.

Is there a special roller I should use or will just a a regular 3/8 nap do the job?

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I am sure the 3/8 roller will do the job to a certain extent, but for the little bit extra time it takes, and the ability to really ensure good stain penetration and proper coverage in all places and cracks I have always just brushed my decks on my knees with a large exterior stain thick bristle hand brush. IMO as a DIYer when I buy premium products whether it makes sense to some or not, I like to use a more hand application approach to ensure the best and complete coverage on the wood surface.
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If you have and crowning or cupping in your boards, there would be the possibility the roller might not come in contact with all the wood and thus not work it sufficiently into the surface. It's a pain, but I'd use a brush as well.
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There's also the fact that deck boards are rounded..leaving a shallow V between the boards.

Even when I had a deck (and better knees)...I didn't want to crawl around on it. I used a brush and brush holder on a small pole to get in between the boards..then used a 4" foam roller on a pole to cover the top surface.

Actually wifey and stepson used the brushes and I followed behind with the roller.

It would also depend on what type of stain you are using as you can get some "lines" if you don't keep a wet edge as you are doing it.
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More often than not, I'll use a roller to apply the stain to a deck. It's the most efficient method when spraying isn't a good option. I like to use a 3/4" nap. That will help get the stain in the cracks/edges. I like to apply it heavy and then smooth it out with a brush.

What type of stain do you intend to use?

It's best to use a deck cleaner or a bleach/water solution when cleaning the deck. The PWer is a good aide when cleaning a deck but should not be the sole method. Too much pressure may chew up the wood...... and then you'll have to sand

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