Pool deck

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Pool deck

We have an "easy set" pool that we like to use to cool off in during the hot summer weekends when we are outside working. Bought one off Craigslist two years ago and we like it a lot. However, we are going a large landscape job and the pool is going to have to go someplace else, but our land has very few flat places. I am thinking of building a ground level platform deck in which to put the pool on. The pool holds about 1800 gallons of water which equates to about 15,000lbs or a deck load of just over 100lbs PSF.

Due to the location where we would like to put it, I am not going to do footings as it will also be free standing. I plan to use concrete piers, post, beam and joist construction. For the deck I am thinking of just using 3/4" treated plywood. Deck will be about 14'x14'

My questions are:
What size beam should I use?
What size joist should I use?
What joist spacing?
I am planing on using 4x4 posts, how many of them do I need?
How many beams should I have?
Am I just crazy?
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Save yourself a lot of work (and potential grief), and put the pool on level ground. Even if you have to move some dirt, and may have to build a small retaining wall on the low end to hold the fill.

Rent a Bobcat, or pay someone to do the excavating.
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I don't think building a deck to support the weight is a big a issue. My problem is the decking. PT plywood will warp like a potato chip. If you use 5/4 planking the cost goes up and you'll still have the odd board warping up or down under your pool. Then get my wife started on the snakes & gremlins that can live under a deck and it's a no starter.

I like the idea of building a retaining wall (dry stack block) and back filling to create a level area? If you ever tire of the pool you have a level spot for a patio so your work is not wasted.
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The plywood was more for a smooth surface to lay the pool down on, not really a cost thing. I used PT plywood on a screen porch I did a few years back and it worked out well. Just nailed the crap out of it. Thinking about it, 3/4" might not be think enough. I may just go with PT 2x6 instead.

I did think of doing a retaining wall and fill as the landscape project I am doing now is a multi-tier boulder wall (18" - 36" boulders) but the minor issue is it is very close to my septic tank so I do not want to do anything that is permanent. The platform would be easily removable if I ever needed to do any work/repairs to the tank. (which is very unlikely since it is only 8 years old, no pump)

The other benefit of a platform is it is off the ground and away from sand/dirt from getting in the pool.

So, all that said, if I built the deck 14x14' using with 16 4x4 posts evenly spaced, with no cantilever. 2x8 beams on top and 2x8 joists 16 OC on top of the beams, would that carry the load using 2x6 decking? Can you calculate the live/dead load or show me where I can?
Can I skinny up on anything?

Note: This is only in the planning phase. After I figure out this info, I can get a cost estimate on the deck to see if it is even worth it. I may still to the wall/fill suggestion as it may fit in the whole landscape plan, but it will be the last thing.

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