Attaching Ledger Board Advice


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Attaching Ledger Board Advice

I'm planning to expand our deck possible to the corner of our home in the very near future. This will be my first deck project, so hoping to learn all I can first.

The ledger will be attaching to the poured concrete foundation of the home. However, their is small 33" length casement basement window that the top half of the ledger will pass over when attaching to the house.

I believe it is recommended to use expansion bolts to attach the Ledger correct? But I'm just concerned of having larger gap/space between these ledger bolts due to the window. Will I be with an ~33" spacing in the one section of the Ledger board? I can install them every 12 or 16" elsewhere, except in that area.

There may be a small change I can add an expansion bolt to the bottom half of the ledger when it passed the window.

I could as a last resort maybe drop the deck another 7" and add a 2nd step, but am hoping to avoid that .
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This link was posted recently and I found it very helpful.

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If an egress window, last one; Chapter 3 - Building Planning

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Thanks for the guide and tips guys. Its not an egress window either, just a small 33x14 (I think) basement window.

I may hang the ledger board next week end and the get the project under way. Any suggestions on type of anchors to attach the Ledger board? I believe to attached to a poured concrete foundations, I should 1/2" sleeve anchors bolts

And read best to do like this...

(fyi.. planning to hang a 2x10x14 ledger)

1. Mark your ledger where you want your joist hangers to be every 16"
2. Drill the 1/2 holes in your Ledger board for the sleeve anchors ensuring your not drilling where your placing a joist.
3. Get some help to hold it on the wall, and mark the concrete.
4. Use a hammer drill for each concrete mark.
5. Place your sleeve anchors, and bolt in the ledger.

Questions I do have are:

1. Recommended the length of sleeve anchor.
I think 4" anchors are recommmened? This from Hilti do?
Hilti HLC-HX 1/2 in. x 4 in. Galvanized Steel Hex-Nut-Head Sleeve Anchors (5-Pack)-338013 at The Home Depot

2. Would probably need to drill 2 1/2" into the concrete? Leaving 2" of the sleeve for the Ledger board?

3. You would NOT add any type of epoxy into each concrete dill hole correct?
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Sorry for the bump, but can anyone help/confirm the below questions? Is 4" sleeve anchors the right size to mount a 2x10x14 ledger?

That would be about 2" for the board, and then 2" into the concrete. Or would a 6" anchor be proper? I'm unsure on how to determine if there is a code requirement for the anchor depth and/or how to determine how think my poured concrete foundation is. I don't want to drill through it, but just mount the ledger board.
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In the link Bud posted,, it specifically says the length is based on the manufacturer's specifications. It's hard to give a specific length... which is probably why in that .pdf they don't specify the length... it isn't a one size fits all size, it depends on the fastener.

It DOES specify: 1/2" diameter... washers... but adds that the minimum spacing between fasteners is per mfg's specifications.

Additionally, some municipalities may have their own codes.... such as minimum 2 1/2" embedment for expansion anchors, and tables for anchor spacing based on the length of the ledger. I would not hesitate to say that you need a minimum of a 4 1/2" anchor, since assembled length deducts 1/2". There is no question that 6" would be better, as it would exceed the "minimum" embedment that some areas require.
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