Building covered patio


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Building covered patio

I'm trying to build a free standing covered patio with a flat roof and need a little help. The attachment called "patio2" is a rough side view of the project. The other picture shows a very incomplete sketch(without roof, not in perspective, etc...) but should give an idea of the overall idea at least.

The boards circled/dotted in red will be 2x10x10ish. The length of the patio will be about 16' and I want the pitch to have a 6" difference, if that makes sense.

According to this: Right Triangle Angle And Side Calculator .. That means the pitch is 1.79 degrees. Is this correct?

Most of these cuts I can make with a cut-off saw, which I own. But I'm thinking I need some of the boards(circled/dotted in red) cut long ways(ripped?) on a table saw at a slight angle so the rafters(?) will have good contact with the supporting boards(joists?).

So my main question is: Will a table saw be able to successfully rip a 2x10x10 at about 1.79 degrees? Are small angles like this easy to do on a table saw?

If this is possible I would definitely have help since I don't know too much about table saws at all.

Thanks for any feedback on this!
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Yes, a table saw can be used, to rip the boards, on an angle.
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Why such a low sloped roof?
A low slope is always going to the first roof to leak.
Got a real picture of the home your trying to install this on?
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Thanks for the replies!

Since I haven't really used a table saw, I just wasn't sure if the blade would be able to be angled like that and at such a tiny amount.

Joe, This will be a freestanding structure and will be sandwiched in between the house and another large brick "shed/shop". I figured it would work better to have the water run in one direction into a gutter away from the existing structures.

Although the pitch I'm using is very small, it is at least more than the minimum for the 16' length, which would be 4"(1:80 or 1/4" per 12").

In your opinion, how much more of a slope should I have and still keep the flat roof look?
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