Suggestions for foundation of free floating, low deck, against house...

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Suggestions for foundation of free floating, low deck, against house...

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Building a deck in the pictured area, live in TX with a concrete slab foundation. Home is bricks and bricks begin about 8"-10" above the ground. As photo (above) shows, two sides of the deck will be completely up against the house. The third side will be against the brick home for 3" and then against the patio for the remaining 10". The total dimensions of the deck are 15'x13'.

Considered using Dek-blocks until their website calculated that it will require 48 of them. Now I'm not sure if it might be quite a bit simpler and possibly more cost effective to use concrete piers instead. Any suggestions? I am not sure how close to the corners against the house I'll be able to dig to get concrete piers in. It's my understanding that we need all the boards of the deck above the ground, so if we use concrete piers I believe we would need to use 2x8s fastened to the piers and then we could place 2x6s across the 2x8s for the joists which we would attach the decking to. I'm concerned that this would be too high against the house. If I want it to be lower do I need to dig out the entire area where the deck will be or just trenches between the concrete piers for the 2x8s to sit in but be off of the ground?

Any suggestions?
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Digging trenches or larger open holes for a wooden deck is never a good idea. You will be creating places for water to accumulate when the occasional gully-washers hit, and the deck members will not perform well when subject to extended wetting (even if pressure-treated). Not to mention creating a perfect location for a colony of rattlesnakes.

Use CIP concrete, or paver blocks, or a combination of the two, instead. Will perform much better, and can be made to look interesting.
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You could use 6 posts on piers, double 2x10s for 3 beams and 2x6 joists for the deck. Dig out the entire area to 2" minimum below the beams sloped slighty towards the outside edge of the deck (more if you want to be able to crawl around easily) but that will keep the beams out of moisture. Install a sump and install a pump at the outer edge under the deck area if you think you will have water issues. Install 10mil plastic or weed barrier on the ground and cover with a layer of stone. The piers do not need to be located tight in the corners or against the home.

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