water under sunroom door threshold?


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water under sunroom door threshold?

i have a 1885 brick home that had a wrap around side porch which was enclosed and made into a small laundry room and hallway - and then 2 small steps down, it looks like they poured a concrete slab and framed a small sunroom. I believe this was done in the 1960's - and from what a very old neighbor said, the work was done by the homeowner at that time. The strange thing about the sunroom is that it has a back door which opens up to a small 2 tiered deck. The sunroom floor and the deck are on the same level - with a small step up to the larger portion of the deck. If you look in between the the deck boards on the lower part that attaches to the door, you can see probably 1 inch or less down and then gravel.

2 nights ago there was a huge rain storm and i saw water in my sunroom floor by the door (never happened before) and today noticed that the carpet (which is an indoor/outdoor carpet with a pad) was wet in one small area near to where the door is - in the photo you can see a 4x5 piece of vinyl flooring btw.
The room also now smells like a farm ;-( i suspect that the concrete foundation was never sealed and am wondering what kind of flashing is under a very nice anderson french door leading out.

Since i've lived here for the past 7 years, the room feels like it is progressively getting more damp in the spring and summer (i live in PA).
So i guess my questions are ....
after i rip the carpet out (to rid myself of the barn odor) how can i properly seal the concrete and should i rip out the decking attached to the door area and use stone or brick?
is it ok that it is level with the door (other than the threshold that you must step up over)?
How do i divert any water away from the door?

I guess i just don't want my sunroom to slowly be rotting away! here's a pic ... and thanks for any suggestions!

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The sunroom floor and the deck are on the same level
That's a bad setup. Wind driven water can blow in under the door. Add to that, my guess is that debris and sediment has filled in underneath the deck boards... so whereas it probably used to drain just fine, it is now probably so full of dirt and debris that the grade below the deck is no longer enough to let water drain away.

Hate to say it, but I think you probably need to cut the deck planks off across the part of the deck closest to the sunroom, (first 3 or 4 feet) and see what's happening there. You might need to excavate... and you might need to remove even more of the deck to do it.

But assuming just cleaning out the first 3 or 4 feet would be sufficient, adding some blocking in between the existing joists would allow you to run new deck planks perpendicular to their current orientation to cover that area back up.

You could also check the gutters to make sure they are draining properly. (if you have gutters above the door/sunroom perimeter.)

Alternatively, is there a glass panel for that storm door? It could be that you just had a lot of water blowing through the screen and the wind was driving it past your interior door.

If that's all it is, a new full view storm door would be a pretty easy fix.

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