Concrete Paver strategy for patio on slightly sloped yard

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Concrete Paver strategy for patio on slightly sloped yard

I am looking for some advice on best practices for installing a patio that will last. It will be exposed to the regular seasonal freeze thaw cycles that cause so many issues with patios.

I am planning to create a 15'x20' square patio in a very small backyard, which currently has a slope away from the house of several feet over a ~25 foot run. The slope is initially shallow near the house, then gets steeper near the point that I would like the new patio edge to be.

Installing a patio with a 2% grade away from the house will put the rear edge at 6-8 inches above grade. One strategy is to make the rear edge raised, with a short wall. Another is to build up the lawn behind the patio, increasing the slope at the rear of the yard (potentially making it a pain to cut the grass, but hard to really picture before the project is complete).

I am worried that a short wall may look awkward, and could also be a hazard for a young child. On the other hand, I am worried about the second strategy making a weak point in the patio, causing it to separate and require regular re-adjustment, not to mention making the slope more awkward to maintain - cutting grass or a garden that would constantly wash out.

Any advice? I have considered getting a contractor to do the job, and even got a few quotes, however they have all had conflicting opinions on the right way to handle the slope. Also, any input on the necessity of using an edge to keep the brick from separating would be appreciated. I have heard several opinions that it is an absolute must. Others claim that building up the base 6 inches beyond the patio, makes it unnecessary and believe that edging is just an eyesore, but I'm not convinced.

Thanks in advance.
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If done correctly, a short wall can look very nice, and complement the patio itself. Speaking from personal experience, I don't think I'd use the steeply-sloped ground option instead of a wall, as such can be difficult to maintain, whether grass or a landscaped feature.

The steps into your house can be hazardous to small children, too, but they are something most children learn about from caring parents and/or siblings. Regarding edging--I'd probably rely on the paver manufacturer's recommendations.
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did you ever come up with a solution to your patio? I have the same exact situation and I am debating on now to handle the minor slope in the yard.
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WJC - welcome to the forums. The person who started this thread has not logged on since that day. I would suggest starting a new thread with your questions.

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