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I would like to know if it is necessary to install concret pier blocks on top of the concret footing or can I just dig the holes, put the treated posts in and pour the concrete in the hole to secure the posts in their places. My deck is not that high, only about 15 inches high. If I put the concret pier blocks in, it would raise the decks above the height of my patio door, which I don't want to do. Thank you.
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what i would do is this :

get the metal post anchors for 4*4 or whatever size posts you are using. Put a metal j bolt into the concrete footings. Then use the bolt to anchor the post base. The metal base also keeps the wood off the concrete and helps prevent decay. These typically raise the height only 1/2" so they should work fine for your situation.

HOpe this helps------josh
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There are several ways to go about setting your posts. Josh mentioned one. If you go to any big box store or lumberyard that sells Simpson products, you'll find a lot of different styles of post bases. Some attach to the top of a concrete footing, others are embedded in the footing. Choose the one you want to use and go with it. The one thing I WOULDN'T DO is embed the post itself in the concrete.

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