Ways to connect Header Beam to house?


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Question Ways to connect Header Beam to house?

Hello all! I have been reviewing my county's deck package (which is identical to many across the US referencing the 2009 typical deck). Something I am struggling with is a manner in which I can avoid placing a post right next to the house (because they would require the footer to be dug down to the house's footer (8'). So, let me try and describe this:

The house make's an 'L' of sorts and this is where the deck will go. The long leg of the L is 30' and the short leg is 12'. I will be doing a masonry attached ledger board along the 30' section onto which I will be attaching the 12' joists. I will then use a double 2x12 beam for the header for the joists to attach opposite the house.

Now, because of the fact that this is in an 'L', the header beam Will touch the house at one point. Is there an IRC accepted manner that will allow for me to attach this beam to the house so that the final 9' span between posts does not require a post? With a double 2x12, I can have a 9'- 10" span between posts. So I will have a post on the free standing end of the beam (with a two foot overhang), and then two more beams (at 11' 10" and 21' 8"). The final length of the beam is 8' 4" and I would REALLY like to attach this to the house rather than using a post.

Any thoughts? Thanks so much.
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Sounds like a custom-fabricated steel bracket is in your future. It could be attached with through-bolts to your concrete foundation wall.

Have a friendly chat with your local AHJ. They will tell you what they'll approve and what they won't. You'll need their blessings for your building permit to be issued, so getting them involved early is usually a good idea.
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No, there is no way in Hades that you will be able to attach your beam to your ledger with any type of hanger. It would put too much weight on one point of the ledger. Bridgeman's steel bracket option is a good one, if the building department will go for it. Otherwise, one other option would be to actually cut a pocket into your masonry to accept the beam, so that it is setting on your poured foundation. (I assume that when you say you say "masonry attached ledger" that you are referring to a poured cement foundation... not a brick veneer). You would then also need to bolt lateral restraints onto the beam to prevent it from pulling out of the pocket. (same idea as in this picture, but bolted through foundation rather than to an interior floor joist.)

Lateral load devices are now required by deck codes in at least 2 places per deck... and I don't think your beam would count as one of those locations, since it is on the short side. You would need a minimum of 2 of these lateral devices on the 30' (ledger) side, to make a positive connection between the joists and the masonry foundation. (IRC R502.2.2.3) -see page 9 of http://www.strongtie.com/ftp/fliers/F-DECKCODE13.pdf
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Ok, thank you for the suggestions thus far. I have reached out to the AHJ but I was trying to get others' suggestions as well.

To clear up some things and to propose an additional thought:
Yes, it is a poured 8" cement foundation.

I could continue the beam past the wall. Meaning, rather than trying to attach it with a bracket perpendicular to the wall, I could actually continue it past the wall so that it is parallel with the wall. Then, I could attach it like a ledger (4' wide, probably) and use this as a platform for steps down. My guess is that this would require an engineer to sign off on it since it is no longer typical design. But, from general terms, do we think this may be an option? I would also have to extend the span of the deck another two to three feet but that would still fall within acceptable tolerances of what I'm trying to do.

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