Paver Patio Repair Qeustion

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Paver Patio Repair Qeustion

Several years ago we did a DIY paver patio in our backyard. I remember the installation was something like...dig down 6 inches, install liner to prevent weeds, place 2-3 inches of crushed gravel on top of liner, compact gravel, place 2 inches of sand on top of gravel and level it, install pavers, sweep special sand (can't remember the name) in between pavers to lock everything together.

Living in central Indiana we've had some harsh weather and the patio is now uneven.

This spring I'm planning on pulling up the pavers, adding a little more sand, reinstall the pavers, and sweep in the "locking" sand. Should I rent a compactor and run it over the sand? Should I run it over the pavers before I "lock" them in? Should I not compact at all?
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Compaction is one of the most important parts of installing a paver patio and unless you are doing a 4' x 4' area I thing a gas powered plate compactor is a necessity. I dig down past the topsoil to get past organic matter to virgin soil. If that's not firm I compact it. Then add the base gravel in 2" layers compacting each layer. After placing the pavers I sweep in some sand and compact, repeating 3 or 4 times until the seams will not take any more sand. By that point the pavers should feel rock solid with none of them rocking or moving when you walk on them.
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Short answer is you compact the base and the pavers, not the sand directly as it won't compact.

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