Hanging a punching bag from a deck beam, stupid idea?

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Hanging a punching bag from a deck beam, stupid idea?

My wife would like to get a heavy punching bag, and we don't really have room for a stand in our townhouse. I was wondering if it's a stupid idea to hang the bag from the deck. I was thinking of using a mount such as this one: LINK. Attached is a picture of the underside of the deck, where I would mount the bag. I'd mount the bracket on the upper beam (the one pointed to by the green arrow) so that it would have additional support from the double beam under it. I know I can get isolator/springs to reduce vibrations and noise, but I am wondering if the deck can handle this weight/force or if this is a stupid idea.

The bag is a 70-pound heavy bag, and my wife has had some boxing training so her hits aren't very gentle ! Any advice is appreciated!
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I don't think it's a stupid idea. Quite the contrary, far better she takes out her frustrations on a punching bag than on her husband.

But a few things to consider:
1. Your green arrow is pointing to a joist, not a beam, for hanging the bag from. Joists are not typically designed to withstand additional lateral impact forces that an angry wife with a punching bag is likely to inflict.
2. You would do well to strengthen the joist the hanger will be installed from, either by installing some tight-fitting (glued-and-screwed) cross-braces to adjoining joists, or by stiffening the joist in question, using either a few sistered joists (again, glued-and-screwed, attached after the hanger bracket is installed), or even a few steel angles, 3' or 4' long, mounted to the joist in an inverted-L configuration. Their projecting legs, bearing up against the underside of the deck planks, will provide both lateral stability while acting as dampers to stiffen the joist from wanting to deflect horizontally.

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