Wind-Resistant Porch Ceiling Fan

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Wind-Resistant Porch Ceiling Fan

Fabulous 40-foot long covered porch with two ceiling fan mounts, but no surviving fan. Had two "outdoor" fans that tore themselves up the first winter wind. The wind caught the blades and spun them at hundreds of RPM, until one would snap and the entire unit bent.

I need something that will not spin in a horizontal wind, Maybe a brake, or a turbine-type fan in a nacelle. Has anyone had success in fan hurricane survival on a covered but not enclosed porch?
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You're located in Wiconsin and you want an outdoor fan to survive a winter storm?

I live in the Western New Yourk area and every winter I take down anything that will or can get caught up in the wind.

I suggest that in the fall either tie the blades up so they can't turn or take them off the fan. I see no practical way of keeing then attached without having damge occure. Just say'n.
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Remove the fan blades in winter, as suggested. Unless there's a very strong reason for wanting to "cool" one's porch during a Wisconsin winter. My friends/relatives up there have complained that the past winter was a killer (way colder than anything they remember).
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That is a common problem everywhere, especially along the coast here in NC and in the mountains. When using the property "in season" most get in the habit of tying the blades when they will be away or when a storm approaches with light rope to prevent spinning in the wind and they tie them with some tension to prevent the whole assembly from swinging violently. When a house will be unused for long periods many remove the fan blades for the season.

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