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Posts for decking

Hi There,
I will be installing decking over an existing patio. I have the room for the joists to not even touch the patio.
The length from the Ledger fixed to the brickwork of the house to the other end is 17 feet (5.1m). I am using 6in x 2in joists. I will have a double 6in x 2in bearer fixed to posts at the opposite end from the ledger. The width of the deck area is 20 feet (6.0m)
Can you tell me how many posts I will need / spacing and if I will need support in the middle.

Thanks for your help, I appreciate it.

Best Regards,

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Using 2 x 6 joists is usually not good for your proposed span length. The provisions of DCA 6 show 2 x 8 joists are only good for a maximum span of 13'-8" (Southern Pine) when spaced at 12", and even less for other species of wood. They don't recommend using 2 x 6 joists at all. Your support column spacing depends on how strong the beam is you'll be using. It is not recommended to use built-up 2 x 6s for support beams, either, but rather something at least as deep as the joist depth, or 2 x 8s. Four columns spaced at around 6' apart should work, with a 1' cantilever at each end, for a doubled 2 x 8 beam. At the house end, supporting a ledger to a brick veneer wall is discouraged by the DCA 6; if the wall is a solid brick load-bearing one, then it could be done with proper attachment fasteners (number, size and type). A full-length, 2 x 8 bearing plate on the back side (inside the house) would probably be needed for proper load distribution. The other option would be to make the deck free-standing, with just a minimal ledger used for stability.
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A free standing deck doesn't have a ledger board. That's what makes it free standing. I built a second story deck that survived the Sandy Storm. I used two 4" L brackets to connect it to the house. The architect said that it was up to me. The plans didn't require it.

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