How do I remove this type of vinyl trim?


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How do I remove this type of vinyl trim?

Wasn't really sure where to post this but it's on my porch...

Trim in question is the type shown. It's some kind of interlocking vinyl stuff, I can't tell if it's some kind of regular vinyl siding or something specifically made for where it is. It's sitting in vinyl channel all the way around the perimeter of the porch.

Our house came with this trim installed on the porch "ceiling", and a porch swing.

Well, one of the eye bolts for the porch swing pulled out of the wood it was in (above this trim). I want to fix it with eyebolts that use nuts and washers, but I can't figure out how this trim comes off. I see no exposed fasteners and I definitely don't want to break it.

Any pointers?
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Each 12" piece interlocks with the piece adjacent to it. You will need to free up the hook locking part from the nailed part on the adjacent piece, usually accomplished with a siding zipping tool. Each piece is fastened to your joisting, or added support since it is for rain run off, on one side and is hooked to the next one which is nailed. Once you have unzipped a piece, don't remove it from the nails, just pull and push it off the nail head. That way it can be put back in its original configuration. Don't remove the trim, just remove the soffit pieces. They will bend enough for you to do it. Should you break a piece, don't worry, as it is a common soffit material in white handled by almost all siding suppliers.
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I bought a zipping tool but I can't see how to get it into the interlocking sections of the siding...there's not enough room to lay it flat and attempt to "slide" it in, and it doesn't seem like it wants to go in that way anyway.

Also, I may be wrong but it almost seems like these pieces aren't actually nailed in.

Guess I'll have to look at it again, just doesn't seem to be cooperative...
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It's best to start close to an end usually. So in your picture, the last piece that was installed is the one on the right (its about 10 1/2" wide and made up of 3 panels and 2 grooves). With the handle of the siding tool to the LEFT, push the hook inside the 3rd groove. You will really have to cram and wiggle the hook in there. The handle has to be perpendicular to the groove to catch the end of the vinyl soffit. It's hard to describe how to hook it on the end of the soffit, you will be pushing in, wiggling, prying up and then prying down all simultaneously. Once you get it hooked, you will be able to pull the vinyl soffit to the left... then start pulling down... as you slide the tool down the groove and away from the end j-channel.

If this doesn't work, you may also be able to get your fingers in the first 2 grooves and pull the whole vinyl soffit panel toward the rest... trying to pull it out of the j-channel that is on the right.

It's possible that someone siliconed that last piece in... if so you will be hard pressed to get it out.
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