Pockmarks / holes appearing in the sidewalk


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Pockmarks / holes appearing in the sidewalk

Hi DIYers,

I had a new sidewalk poured a year ago. I live in New York City. I have a corner building and the sidewalk was replaced on both streets. The sidewalk on one of the two streets recently has acquired many pockmarks/holes. Please see the photo. The sidewalk on the other street has no pockmarks at all. The two streets have sidewalk of two totally different shades indicating they were different pours. It seems to me that one pour had a better mixture of whatever goes into the concrete than the other pour which would be why we have all these pockmarks on one street's sidewalk but not the other street. The concrete contractor said we had a horrible winter and sidewalk damage to new sidewalks can happen, and it may start happening with the other sidewalk as well. We used ice melt, not rock salt during the winter. My neighbor said he doesn't care how bad the winter was, 1 year after we got a new sidewalk it should not look like total crap and we should ask him to replace those flags. The concrete guy doesn't think he is responsible for this. What do you guys think? Thanks! Here is what it looks like: http://www.birchcliffnews.com/wp-con...4/DSC_0104.jpg
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Hello back....

I'm not the pro in this forum but it looks like too much sand in the mix.

Did the same contractor pour both sidewalks ?
Were they poured in the cold ?

There are some good cement guys here and they'll offer their opinion too.

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I'm not a good cement guy, but I know a thing or two about concrete. Concrete having slightly different shades of gray is often the result of two different brands of Portland cement having been used in the mixes. Meaning two different sources of concrete could have been used, and two entirely different mix designs. And not all Portland cement brands are equal in performance, either. Small, individual pop-outs are often the result of no air-entraining having been used in the mix, such that when the surface concrete freezes, the ice build-up expands and causes the concrete to fracture. It could also be caused by certain types of coarse aggregate near the surface (usually chert particles) absorbing excessive moisture, and fracturing when the resulting ice expands as it freezes.
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