BBQ Enclosure room inside a sunroom? (Warning: big picture)

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BBQ Enclosure room inside a sunroom? (Warning: big picture)

I am planning out a sunroom / conservatory in the backyard since we have to demolish our deck and restart from scratch..

The problem is my backyard is against the hydro field and does have unusual high amount of bugs.

So I am thinking is it even possible for me to do a propane bbq enclosure / room with venting system inside my sunroom (8 feet x 32 feet)

I am going to enclosure the whole thing with glass brick (maybe just bottom half with top as glass), with back of the bbq to the existing external brick wall of the house (or should I also put a layer of glass brick?) and a sliding patio door so could close it and turn on a vent that will vent all the smell out to the front of the sunroom away from everything. The whole enclosure will be almost as high as the top of the sunroom, but will be triangulated at near the top to a vent pipe that have a fan which will suck air out.

Is this even possible, if so is there anything I should watch for (like clearance and etc) There will possible be a sink and some shelving

I have attached a picture of how the sunroom looks (not fully completed, but should give you idea), with the location of the enclosure marked.

If this couldn't be completed safely, any other suggestions? Also the location of enclosure could also be switched, but may have to redesign the location of the door.
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Your profile is incomplete, so we don't know where you are located, and thus do not know what type building codes you would fall under. You do not want to have anything that produces smoke enclosed. You run the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, not to say anything about the soot and residue that will be deposited on the ceiling and walls, including your glass brick walls when you cook. Why would you want to take up valuable room with the barbeque unit? I understand bugs, but running outside to flip a burger wouldn't take that much time, and you could use tiki lamps or citronella around the area for control. Put the barbeque outside.
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A sun room sounds like a cold climate, but even up in Maine, the two homes that I know of with glass sun rooms that I visit have turned those spaces over to the plants. Way too hot in the summer. Now, when I visit in Florida, they use screened in spaces by the pool and of course have no issues with smoke or air.

So, as Chandler asked, what/where is your climate?

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Yes, anything is possible with the proper application of money. We don't know where you are located but in the US you could not use a standard barbecue grill like normally used outside since they are only approved for exterior use. There are a variety of grills approved for indoor, commercial use. They also come with certain vent hood and ventilation requirements. Depending on where you live a commercial appliance may or may not be used in a residence and if used in a residence it may require the vent hood and possible fire suppression system as required for a commercial installation.

What's a hydo field?
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Hydro field..." A line of electricity transmission towers, usually in groups, cutting across a city." "The undeveloped land under those towers."

OP is in Ontario, Canada.
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Well fireplaces and wood stoves are inside so if it was built like fireplace it might be okay. Restaurants too use open flame grills don't they. The issue would be just putting a outdoor grill in there.
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thanks guys.. Yes I am in Canada.. around Toronto

All windows are UV coated and there will be fan and maybe even AC if needed and everything is insulated with radiant heating for winter. Most of the windows could be open and screened for air flow.. Also there are hardly any direct overhead sunlight as we also have 40 feet tree in the yard. So I don't think it will be too hot for the summer.

After reading most of your answer.. I thinking maybe I should just place BBQ grill outside.. Maybe to the left on the initial picture. That way, I get more space inside and just use some sort of candles and stuff to hopefully keep bugs away. I also will able to keep the option open in the future if it don't work on and built them like a fireplace as suggested

However the main gas valve and central AC unit is there.. any suggestion how far away I should keep the BBQ grill?

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