Front Door Steps with Landing


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Front Door Steps with Landing

I have fairly old second home that I am renting out. There was an enclosed porch built onto the brick townhouse. The door to the porch is currently a storm door that swings inward, which I have never seen before. I wanted to put on a proper storm door that swings outward. Unfortunately, there are simply 4 steps that go up to the front door, which has no landing. Installing an out-swinging door wouldn't work. My solution is to build a 4 foot by 4 foot landing in front of the door.

I got a quote for $750 to build the landing with some new stairs, which seems pretty high to me. I bought just about all the materials I needed for just under $400, and this included over $200 in tools (impact driver, laser level, and a couple other various small tools).

My plan was to frame the deck with 2x6 boards, with ledger attached to the porch. I was going to use 2 4x4 posts to support the front of the deck. The was going to be 32 inches high, which would be just about level with the door. If you were looking straight at the door, the stairs would go down to the left, as coming straight out would encroach on the driveway.

I have no issue with building the frame and installing the deck boards, or the stairs and railings. I am now second guessing how I was going to install the posts. There are currently concrete slabs where the posts would go, which would have been more than enough to support the deck. My concern is that I am quite certain the slabs aren't perfectly level, otherwise I could just hammer drill some beam bracers into the concrete slabs.

I attached the pictures of the current stairs, which shows the horrible door and the concrete slabs I was talking about.

My options are:

-Fork out the $750 to have it professionally done and return all the wood and tools I bought.

-Suck it up and complete the job myself, which would allow me to keep the tools I bought, learn a lot in the process, and the satisfaction of doing it myself.

-Install a new storm door, but have it swing inward. This is by far the cheapest option, but its pretty awkward and my wife isn't a huge fan.

Is it a terrible idea to simply set the posts on the concrete and level/plumb them based on the rest of the frame? I live in Maine and we VERY rarely have winds that I would have any concern that it would lift the deck if it weren't bolted to the cement.

Thanks in advance for any input.

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#1 stoop never should be even with the threshold!
How would you open the door when it snows.
Normal step height of 7" would be best.
Those rail post need to be sitting on Simpson Strong Tie post bases to keep the bottom of the post from making contact with the slab.
Stair stringers also should not be in direct contact with the ground.
(There was no real need for a laser level for that small a job, a regular 4' level would have been fine.)
Though bolt the ledgers, do not just nail them.
Use ACQ approved screws not nails for the decking.
Make sure there's an over hang over the ledgers with the deck boards.
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Thanks for getting back to me.

I redesigned the deck for be 6.5 inches below the door sill as you suggested.

What kind of bolts should I be using to attach the post base to the concrete? I understand I'll probably need to rent a hammer drill to install those?

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