Tempered Glass Railing - Connecting pieces of glass?


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Tempered Glass Railing - Connecting pieces of glass?

Dear DIYourslevers - First post, glad to be a part of the community.

Here's the dilemma I ma having, I've decided that building a wooden deck is simple enough hence i should make the railing out of glass. Than I've decided that more challenges needed and I got tempered glass in non standard sizes, so what I will need to do is to join to pieces in one single frame.

The plan is to have the lass lie inside groves inside 2x4's and somehow connected both piece in the middle.

So far what I was able to locate that somewhat resembles what I need is this connector - http://www.buystorefixtures.com/nss-...-connector.jpg

Nowhere do the sell a two-way connector, so I am thinking of either cutting the extra side or have it facing the outside.

Next Idea is to find U shaped channels like this - http://www.dullesglassandmirror.com/...el-1-2-big.png glue the two together.

My last resort idea is to try and out silicone between to panels and and have it harden in there, not sure how successful I will be though.

Does anyone have any other methods I can connect the tow pieces so that it doesn't create a big gap and looks aesthetically somewhat pleasing?

BTW the glass is 5mm thick.

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Welcome to the forums.

You need some structure in the deck - are these pieces small enough that it doesn't make sense to use a vertical 2x4?
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I already figure the layout more or less, I will have three sections in the front, each section containing 2 pieces of glass. I have already purchased the glass so that is what I have to work with.
combined the two pieces are roughly 37X59 inches.

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