Ideas on how to hang sunshade from boxed soffit on patio


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Ideas on how to hang sunshade from boxed soffit on patio

Hello.. Wasnt quite sure where exactly this thread would fit the best.
First time posting. Avid DIY guy, but i've come up against something that i have yet to overcome.

Recently moved to a new house back in Nov 2014. I was excited to have a covered patio as our old patio was non-covered and faced the west at our old house. Summer sucked.
Our current backyard patio faces north, but the afternoon sun from the west remains brutal until it sets.

I've purchased an 8' x 8' rolling sunshade with the intention of hanging, but i realized that the location I was going to hang was pure soffit. The span is roughly 9.5 ft.

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The top of the sunshade is an 8' plastic bar like you'd see on a set of miniblinds. There are 5 metal triangle eyelets attached to the top of the bar on the sunshade that hang from hooks that were provided. The hooks are on a mounting base held by 2 screws.

I've thought of attaching hooks direct to soffit, but i just dont like the idea. I dont thins the sunshade is terribly heavy, but a stiff wind and we're not around to roll it up could cause havoc.

I then thought of attaching a 1" x 6" x 9' piece of stained wood to the soffit then mounting hooks on that, but then again, soffit is bearing load, but it would be spread over a wider area.

I then thought I could create a sort of valance 9ft attached to another 9ft on outer edge in "L" shape then box the ends which I could hammer drill and mount the ends into the stucco and the adjacent brick pillar, but I am apprehensive about drilling holes in my stucco and brick.

My final thought was to remove the gutter, fascia and soffiting, assessing the supporting structure inside boxed soffit area and fortifying with additional lumber to support sunshade, etc..

I was really hoping for a simple solution on this one, but I don't think that will be possible. We're hosting an annual 4th of July BBQ (3 days from now) and would like to get this shade up before.

I was hoping someone might have an idea that I may not have thought about yet that may be quick an easy, such as a product or other means of supporting sunshade easily without much risk of damage.

Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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You should have a solid 2x along the inner and outer edges of the soffit. As long as your hooks hit the center of that 2x (which should be 3/4" in from each side- but NOT including the thickness of soffit applied to the interior perimeter of the porch) it should hold just fine. Using a long hook (maybe longer than the ones they provided?) will be much more secure than screwing a 1x4 onto the bottom of the soffit then only having hooks that go a maximum of 3/4" deep into that 1x material.

As far as a stiff wind damaging it when you're not around... it kind of goes without saying that no matter how it is mounted, since it is designed to be held by "5 triangle eyelets", you would be wise to only roll it out when you are around to USE it.

Screwing into the stucco and brick would be silly.

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