Ideas for a deck roof using salvaged lumber.


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Ideas for a deck roof using salvaged lumber.

Do you have any ideas for how to build a roof over my deck using salvaged lumber? My previous post requesting post and beam sizes for a modified post and beam design didn't pan out. I'm wondering if there's a way to build it safely, and up to code, without a permit. I want it to be 16' at the ridge, and 16' wide, with an additional 18-24" of eaves. Maybe by dividing it into two, or 4 sections? The deck is about 12" above ground level, right against the slab, but unattached to the house. It's 16' wide (matching the end of the house), And 12' long. I would prefer the roof to match the house roof pitch and height, which is 12' tall at the ridge, 16' wide, and the pitch is a 4' rise over an 8 foot run. Does that equal a 6:12 pitch? I have 51 boards ranging from 2x4x8, to 2x10x16, with most being 2x6's from 12' to 20 '. Local code allows sheds up to 200 sq. ft. to be built without a permit. I built mine at 8x10 out of salvaged wood, and only had to buy pier blocks with brackets, and T1-11 for siding. It's quite sturdy. I have some ideas, but I would like to hear if there are options I haven't thought of. I have also thought of building free standing supports for a solar panel array, with the panels acting as a roof. I attached a diagram I made, just disregard the posts and beams, to get an idea of the layout, and orientation.


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Most on this board don't know your other posts or threads. Keep in mind that there are a thousand posts a day on this forum. If it's not in this thread we don't know it. If you already had a thread going for your project I suggest staying with that thread or re-post any important information here to bring everyone up to speed.
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.... or at least a link to your previous thread
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or at least a link to your previous thread
Keep in mind that none of us are being paid to be here and if you make it a lot of work to get up to speed on your issue, many will bail and move on to the next question.
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Yeah, that did occur to me, that's why I tried to be thorough with the information I provided in this thread, including the diagram. Her's a link to the previous thread:


I didn't put all of the details regarding my other thread, because I'm looking for new ideas, not more information regarding post and beam sizes.

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