Good concrete crack filler ?


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Good concrete crack filler ?


Im a first time homeowner and I have some cracks in my concrete patio and concrete driveway. What would be. The easiest way to get those patched up? I'm a total noob and don't have the tools to widen the cracks. Can anyone recommend a good tube based product that I could load up on at Home Depot or lowes? I've got some weeds to pull out of the drive way cracks that I'm going to dump vinegar on firsts to kill the weeds.

Also, where my back patio meets my raised ranch basement--do people ever try to seal that seam with a silicone to help prevent water from pouring down against the basement wall? My dad recommended it, but although he is very handy, he doesn't always go by the book. Is that a good idea? I figure that it could only help prevent moisture from seeping into my basement, right?

Thanks very much everyone. Here are a few pics of where my basement wall meets my patio wall. There is a slight pooling that can occur there during heavy rain. I'd rather it pool and evaporate than have a clear path down against my basement wall. Thanks for your time and feedback!

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I would make sure the cracks are superbly clean and free of weeds, dirt, etc. Use a compressor and vacuum in tandem to make sure you get all the crud out. I have had success with butyl rubber or elastomeric caulk, neither of which will deteriorate as quickly as silicone in the sunshine. They both give and take with weather extremes. I would do the job while it is still warm out so the compound will have a chance to sink into the cracks. Winter, it will just sit on top.

Others will have probably better solutions, so hang in there for their comments.
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The opening will take sealant more effectively if not filled in hot weather, as that's when it will be at its smallest width. Better to seal first thing in the morning, before the slab has warmed up and starts crowding the opening (but with the temps having warmed enough to meet the product's minimum application temperature).
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what i answered in the other thread can be used in this thread too,,, now that you own a home, its time to enter the world of tool owners we use silicone to seal jnts in conc hgwy pvmnts & dot's figure its a 7yr life but i've got roads w/10 & 12yr old reprs up & down the e coast,,, remember your hi-skoul fizix ? solids expand in hi temp, shrink in lo - ergo, crks are smaller (tighter) in summer than winter

i like sika np-1 non-sag BUT, if all you're going to do is blow/vac/seal, you're better of using 'sl' (self-leveling),,, do NOT fill the crk to surface level - slightly below is good

now go buy a tool

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