Help me help myself.


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Help me help myself.

I'm in FL and its humid. Here is my issue, I have a covered porch that leads to my front door. It faces north and it feels downright soggy when I approach my front door. The paint on the drywall ceiling is gone and the paver floor seems constantly damp. So far I have installed gutters to divert some if the rain, I have also removed a portion of a planting bed that was right next to the porch. This help a little but its still humid. I considered installing vents in the ceiling so the air has somewhere to go but the space above the porch leads to my attic and I'm not sure if that's a good idea. While in the attic checking out over the porch I saw that it had no insulation over the entire porch area, Is that normal? My other consideration was to install a ceiling fan to circulate the air thinking that the moving air would make it less humid. Do you folks have any advice for me on this issue
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I don't know why so many builders in fla insist on using drywall on porch ceilings

It isn't uncommon for a porch ceiling not to be insulated. While I wouldn't install vents in the ceiling itself, the soffit should have some vents. Getting the air moving will help the most although I'm not sure of the best way to accomplish that ..... but some of the others may
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The ceiling is one issue and general moisture in the porch area is another though they are both related. There is only so much you can do with a north facing porch especially if it's recessed into the house it all. Trimming the shrubbery to allow better air circulation would be my suggestion. I would not go to the expense of running wiring, installing a ceiling fan then have to buy electricity to run it 24/7.
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Thanks for replying guys. Mark the soffits are on the outside of the porch so they
don't do anything to help the situation. The roof of the porch is like a shallow pan
about a foot deep, so really no place for that trapped air to go.

Dane, I understand your logic but the money I'm already spending on Pests may
offset the cost of electricity. The wiring I could to myself. I just don't want to do
it if its not to help. I don't think I would need to run it 24/7 maybe I could put a timer or even a humidity sensor to control it.

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