Attaching ledger board to structural brick question


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Attaching ledger board to structural brick question

I have a permit to build my deck, post hole inspection has passed and now it is time to get busy. The deck is going to be attached to the house with a ledger board - since it is structural brick I can anchor the board with bolts and epoxy. The inspector says I need bolts ever 12" on center.

My question/concern is lining the holes in the brick/concrete with the ledger board. If I drill 16 holes in the brick and board, I know I'll be slightly off on some of the holes in the board and things might not line up properly. What methods do folks use to ensure that the holes in the board line up with the bolts (that are definitely not moving)?

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Surprized there going to let you do that, not allowed here.
You would be far better off making this a free standing deck for many reasons if this is low deck, not one on a second story.
One simple way to do it is first do your joist layout on the board so you do not drill where a bolt needs to go.
Predrill the holes in the board, Temperaly Tap-Con the board to the wall and use it as a template.
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It is possible do attach to structural brick IF the brick are properly attached/bonded with other brick or fully and properly attached to structural members of the home. - This does not include wall ties or other flimsy attachments. If the brick are structurally attached to the structure.

If not, the deck could pull the entire wall or ledger off if there is a problem with any posts on the outer edge (soil problems, frost or external damage). Some nails/patterns may not be adequate for pull out even if the can resist vertical shear loads.

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Rest assured - this is legit in my area as long as the brick is structural - i.e. tied into the cinder block. Inspector gave me approval using bolts and epoxy.

Thanks for the feedback!
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Free standing is the current trend for building decks instead of punching holes into what had previously been a water-tight wall.

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