Decking suggestions


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Decking suggestions

Five years ago, I replaced a 20 year old pressure treated deck with a composite decking material. The decking material performed miserably-fading and darkening and the manufacturer will be sending me a check for the full purchase price. I've decided I will be tearing out all of the decking and joists and going new all around.

I like the aspects of composites for the looks and low maintenance, but after more research, it seems no matter who manufacturers it and how much you spend, I will likely have the same results in 5-10 years. I live in Indianapolis on a pond and the back faces the east with zero shade until late afternoon/evening. The theory I've read is that the high temps literally book the plastics and cause the fading issues and expect some fading, but in my case, it was extreme. (From cedar to nearly white).

Therefore, I'm thinking I will go to a wood deck as I'm just not going to really be able to get any shade on my deck. I recognize I'll have maintenance involved and I just need to buy myself a good 10 years of maintaining and still have a nice enough deck to resell it. Would you go with treated or cedar?

Any other recommendations?
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I'm surprised the manufacture is refunding your money. In most cases they would have some loop hole such as "did you treat the surface with some kind of anti-ultra violet ray inhibitor". I know that Polywood does in fact suggest surface treatment with a Simonize car wax or similar.

If you're going to go to wood you'll need to do a yearly treatment to maintain the newness over a long period of time. And you'll want PT treated wood.
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Sorry to hear about your bad experience, and so glad there going to refund your money.
In most cases the newer composite is leap years ahead of the old stuff.
It would be a shame to go back to wood and have to deal with having to deal with it it every few years.
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I'm just trying to determine if I'll go with treated or with cedar (perhaps even redwood if my budget allows).

I filed the warranty and had a response a week later indicating they'd settle for the amount on my invoice. Said it'd take 2-3 weeks to process.
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PT is the most budget friendly. How long it lasts depends a lot on how well it's taken care of. I've stained quite a few decks that were 20 yrs old and still in decent shape. Depending on the environment a quality deck stain should last 1-3 yrs.
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Of the two choices you listed, I'd go cedar. That said, I would still put composite down, as I don't think they're all like you experienced.

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