DIY sail shade ideas.... but retractable


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DIY sail shade ideas.... but retractable

Looking to install something like this a sail shade
Choosing the Right Shade Sail for Your Space | Coolaroo

per my attached fileName:  house sail.jpg
Views: 1330
Size:  14.8 KB ( best I can do, 3 story colonial, decks come soff the first floor, staris lead down to the hardscape and grass level of teh hardscape)
My house looks like this. we want to cover the stone deck from the sun about 2-6 in the afternoon (earlier than that the house give the stone deck shade where our table is

Not looking to put a pergola ( not yet) but s shade sail. BUT not a permanent install during the summer. I'd like the option to retract it manually.

Any ideas? was thinking of installing cables from the screened in porch to the Large trees ( larger circles at top of page. might have to sink a large post where the arborvitaes are is to give that dimensional support to the left and attach a cable. Then another cable to the tree right of the hardscape?

Te sun is coming from the side where the arbor vitaes are I'd have to essentially place it in front of the stairs and open deck.

Just need some ideas if anyone has done something similar and how you went about rolling out and cinching the sail shade.

Apologies if I'm not clear enough
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I consider Coolaro to be a consumer or residential grade shade sail. If you want to step up to something heavier duty try Tenshon.

I would not run a shade sail to a tree. It's movement in the wind will cause problems with the shade sail and transfer tension to the sails other attach points on your house. You can erect a pole or multiple poles in the yard. You also need to carefully consider the attatch points on the house and their strength.

You mention wanting something retractable. I can almost guarantee that you will quickly tire of putting up and taking the sail down as needed. You will end up leaving it up for the summer season and taking it down for winter. As far as rolling out and cinching... shade sails don't do that. You're thinking of a retractable awning. Shade sails are big wads of heavy material and the better ones have a cable around the perimeter.

Also consider having more than one sail. Multiple sails and having the attach points at different heights adds interest to the design. Having multiple sails also makes it easier to get the coverage you want while doing it with standard sails.
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Check out this site: Sailrite - Fabric, Canvas, and Sewing Machines Since 1969
Look under the "How to projects and guides". They have lots of instructions and videos that might help you.
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thanks for the replies....
I was thinking something like this
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Fixed cables "loose" sail when needed. righ up a cable pulley system maybe tie it off on a cleat.

Cant place posts in the area of my yard diagram where the large trees are as that is "wetland" anywhere else int he yard, it would stick out like a sore thumb
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With whatever type sail you choose you won't be able to use trees as the anchorage, especially with two points as shown in your picture. The swaying of the trees will wreak havoc on the battens unless you have a slider mechanism to allow for the movement.

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