Help with crushed limestone parking pad

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Help with crushed limestone parking pad

We recently had a new crushed limestone parking pad out in beside our garage. It was installed for the purpose of holding a new camping trailer (small 800lbs) and our trash containers. We are extremely happy with the look and size of it. The one disappointment is the material used for the fill. The fill material that they used was a ľ" crushed limestone. They said that it would pack down nicely, but it doesn't seem to that well. The trash containers are really hard to pull on it as the wheels sink down and when I back the trailer onto it, I need to put my truck into 4 wheel drive to keep the tires from sinking down into it. What are our options here? It is about 4-5" worth of limestone. Is there a way to add clay to it? I had the idea of adding concrete to it, but I doubt that would hold up to the truck driving on it. Any guidance is appreciated!
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Welcome to the forums. Was the material actually compacted?
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Also 5" is kind of thick for fine gravel. Have you discussed your concerns with whoever did the work?
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Yeah I don't know if limestone that small will ever compact if it has no base of larger stones. They probably should have used large stones, then medium, then small. But you could always try renting a compactor. They are pretty easy to use.
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Generally any stone of uniform size will not compact. The worst is pea gravel or a crushed stone that has a round shape. For the best compaction you want something that contains a variety of sizes all the way down to dust. The variety of sizes allows smaller particles to fill the void between the bigger ones which locks them in place.

For a parking area I would use what's called "crusher run" in my area. It's a blend containing stones from 1 1/2" down to dust. Unfortunately it does not have the look that some people want.

I don't think there is anything "easy" you can do with your parking area. You can remove the stone you have and replace it with something having varying sizes and because of it's thickness I would apply it in 2-3" thick layers and compact each layer with a plate compator before adding the next layer.

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