Deck metal support posts rusted hole - concrete fix?


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Deck metal support posts rusted hole - concrete fix?

I have a deck that is about 8 feet above the ground with three metal support posts (circular black not sure what kind of metal) on the end away from the house.

The cement footings under the metal posts are under the ground and the posts have rusted near the ground to the point where they have a large hole in them.

A contractor friend recommended simply digging around the footing to expose the cement and then building a form to build up the cement around the current metal posts to a level higher that where the rust starts. Effectively encasing the bottom of the post and the hole in cement to a level about a foot or higher above the ground.

Thoughts in this method? Long term and safe solution?

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Welcome to the forums.

That sounds like one way of making a repair.
Maybe you could shoot and post a picture or two of what you have there.
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Ungalvinized Steel in direct contact with concrete is going to rust and you've already seen.
You have a rusted out post that is now weaker, and you want to just cover it up?
Not the best plan.
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I would replace the posts or cut off the damaged ends and weld in new with a flat plate on the bottom that could be anchor bolted to the footer. I agree that encasing the damaged area in concrete is just concealing the problem. The post will continue to rust in the concrete and eventually the weight above will just push/slide the post down into the concrete.

I would also look at the top of your posts to see if they are totally sealed. Maybe you have water entering from the top and is rusting the columns out from the inside.

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