How to design a screened in porch

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We have a large (12'x25') deck that bakes in the sun. My wife would like to cover the deck to build a screened in porch. The deck is 10 feet off the ground (we live on a sloped lot), and is not terribly sturdy. I believe we'd be best off tearing down the deck and starting over, but am a bit put off by the size/cost of this undertaking. What would have to be done to add a roof to our existing elevated deck? How would it be attached to the house -- it would attach to a flat wall, below the existing 2nd story windows. Is there any software available that would help us to design the structure, before we contact a builder (or perhaps even tackle it ourselves)? This last part would be especially helpful, as we're having trouble even visualizing what we want.
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deck help

what specifically makes your deck unsturdy
are the deck boards in good shape
do the joists have alot of bounce or give to them- perhaps installing blocking between them could help on such a high deck

I use 3d home architect for some projects but its from like the 80s so im sure there is something better out by now
hope this helps -josh
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deck plans

I ran into the same situation last summer. I planned to just build walls on my exisitng deck and ave a nice screened in porch. Once I started demolishing the old one I ofound out the boards were getting a little scary, the support posts were rotting, the band was not bolted to the house (only nailed) and the deck's edges were not centered on wall studs to tie into the walls of the screened in porch. also, the floor joists were only 24'' on center and the entire porch used undersized wood that could not have accomodated the extra weight of the walls and roof. Also, since the deck had been built, the local code now requires termite brackets that keep the wood corner posts from actually contacting the ground or even the cement. If I had done as I origanally planned, I would have been in deep trouble when I started to sell the house.

I basically ended up starting from scratch and have to say this turned out to be the best way to handle it. the cost obviously went up, but the finished product turned out great. tile floors, ceiling fans, 16'' on ctr floor joists, hurricane brackets, and even a cable outlet.

I also advise you to check out the screening product made by screentite. It is a great and easy system to screen in the porch. and always remember the 7 P's of success - Poor Prior Planning Produces Piss Poor Performance - plan, plan, plan, plan plan as this will be a much bigger prject than you think. good Luck!
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Good reply GB.

I am planning and building a double decker screened porch for a customer right now.

Planning is the biggest part of almost any carpentry undertaking. Can't stress the importance enough.

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