Advice Needed on Concrete Piers


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Advice Needed on Concrete Piers

I'm not into doing decks but was forced to because a contractor decided to throw in 19 posts on a deck at 20 inches when our local frost line is 30 inches. He had to be fired 3/4 of the way through the job after I found out what he was doing and my friend and I finished the deck and redid the footings. It looks beautiful, but what makes me nervous are the concrete piers we did and their look. What's done is done but I did a search on the web and could really find nothing "concrete". Hopefully this will help someone that experiences the same issues.

- Concrete footers were bored at around 8 inches in diameter and 32-34 inches down. Starting about 12 inches down we knocked the sides in and likely made the diameter of the hole 10 inches than belled out the bottoms as best as we could.
- Used sonotube about 6-10 inches down but poured straight into the hole otherwise with the hole being our "form"
- Each hole required between 3.5 to 4 bags of concrete mix to fill.
- We poked a stick around in the holes to help with air during the pour.
- No rebar was used in the piers

Included are some pictures but we clearly had a honeycombing issue on the piers. Granted Iíve heard this may be more asthetics than anything and can reduce the piers bearing load but Iím just trying to figure out are we screwed come winter and this creates a heaving issue? Assuming itís honeycombed all the way down? What other problems does this create?

Additional Information:

Deck is free floating 16x14 built on ground level with 2x6 joists with a 12x12 bump up built with 2x8.
13 piers on the 16x14 and 6 on the 12x12.
Soil is literally all clay.

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Maybe it's an optical illusion; but is that PT 4X4 embedded in the concrete, or is it sitting on top of the sonotube . . . . and sat there only after the concrete was cured ?

I'm just wondering about drainage.
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"is that PT 4X4 embedded in the concrete"

Yeah it may not be the best picture. The PT 4x4 is sitting on top of a metal post anchor placed in the pier during the pour.
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Probably fine as long as you are below the frost line.

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