Patio expansion advice. Initial phase messed up :(


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Patio expansion advice. Initial phase messed up :(

Hello friends

I have en existing patio that is 12'x12' and I wanted to expand it to 17'x14. My calculation was way off in the first place and hence had to stop the work after working on one side (Phase1). Additionally, I did not put any expansion joint between this and the existing wall. Third mistake was that I put way too much water to the concrete mix than what was the recommended amount. Some pictures are attached for reference. So, I am thinking of couple options:

1. Put some bonding/adhesive layer to the Phase1 and then pour some more concrete and level it to existing patio. Then pour concrete on the rest of the sides and get done.

2. Remove the Phase1 and then start from beginning.

3. Is there some way where I could simply lay bricks of different thickness to make everything level.

I would appreciate your help and suggestions.

Thank You
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Of course removing everything and pouring new would probably be the best and most expensive option. In addition to the expense there would be tons of old concrete for disposal adding to the hassle and expense.

It appears you new pour is only an inch lower than the existing concrete which is not thick enough for a layer of normal concrete. You might be able to use a topping mix or other product intended for a thin pour or overlay. I am a bit concerned about the strength of the new pour as a base though. In addition to adding too much water it appears your new pour is on top of fresh fill. I would expect or be prepared to see some settling and/or cracking with or without an additional pour on top.
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I don't think that it's that bad. You don't have to completely remove "phase 1". Rent an electric jack hammer & break it apart. Remove some of it & spread the rest as if it were crushed recycle. If you had more height, I'd say put some mesh on top of it. Otherwise, have a ready mix truck pour the next layer. If you want to mix it yourself, you would be better off with a 1 bag mixer instead of mixing it by hand. If you do it yourself, use a bonding agent as you already mentioned. Check with your local stone yard, to get a second opinion.
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Assume this was hand mixed, always need extra because it's not an exact science for quantity.

You might be able to use a topping mix or other product intended for a thin pour or overlay.
You dont have your location listed but the chance of a thin coat surviving is not going to happen, especially in a cold location.

You need to remove and repour!
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Thanks a lot to all of you for the suggestions and I appreciate it. I am in Harrisburg, PA and due to the constantly cold and wet weekends for the past 3/4 weeks I have been postponing everything. For now, I am thinking of using a small mixer to pour the unfinished part and then maybe pour another thin layer on the already poured phase1. I am prepared for the cracks that I guess might show up in near future.
I am also having a few local contractors take a look and see if this is something they can do for a reasonable amount of money and based on the figure they come up with I will plan the next steps.


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