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Hello everyone. I just tore rotting tounge in groove flooring off my porch and need to replace it with non-tounge in groove decking. The old wood, being 3/4 inches thick fit under the siding and door frame, if I swich to 1 inch thick (5/4), it will no longer fit under. Can I use 1x4s or will it be too bouncy? The joists are 18" oc, and the porch is 6 feet by 8 feet. The other option is to use 6 foot 5/4s and not worry about fitting under the door and siding. Also what about cost differences, any idea? I also plan on replacing the whole porch in a year or two so it doesn't have to be that durable.

thanks for any advice - george
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The 5/4 would fit if you trimmed the bottom of the door frame first. Even though you may be trying to make a short-term fix, you need to do it to make it safe.

The cost difference is marginal.
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Thanks for the thoughts. The trouble is I would also need to trim off the bottom of a length of siding as well, which I was trying to avoid. I quess my question is, is 1x4 on 18" oc joists safe and will it be too springy?
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1x4 on 18" centers exceeds code by itself. If another layer going against the grain were present it would probably be just fine.

That is why the T&G was used to start with. T&G is stronger. They also used oak many times for this type of floor.

Have you considered using something like Advantech? It is 3/4" High density OSB. It is water repellent and does not buckle or flake.
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Another thing you might consider with the 5/4 decking is to use a rabbit bit on a router to remove the 1/4" necessary for it to fit under your door frame and siding.

OR, while you have the old deck removed, you could add 7 new joists, so they are on a 9" center.
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Thanks for all the help! This site is great. And, I agree that anything worth cutting down a tree for is worth doing right. Thanks again.

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