Outside corner deck stairs


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Outside corner deck stairs

Hoping someone has an answer for me on this. Iím building stair around a 90 degree corner on my deck. My rise is 6 13/16Ē and my run is 10.5Ē. I need a make a corner stringer (doubled 2x12) and I learned from this forum that I need to multiply the run by 1.414...simple enough.

Now to attach this to the corner of the deck I want to notch the double stringer to fit flush around the corner. Question #1, do I need to add some addition length to the back to acomodate this notch or is that already factored in the 1.414 multiplier?

question #2, I want to bevel the leading edge of the rise to provide a flat surface to mount the kick plate, do I need to add any material to accommodate this?

I donít think I do for #2 but #1 I believe I might be short if I notch it.

I havent been able able to find any info on this, let me know.

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Welcome to the forums!

Maybe my coffee hasn't kicked in yet but I'm not sure I understand your question
You'd need a landing where the stairs make the corner which IMO makes the stair construction [2 straight sets] fairly simple.
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Thee is no mid-way landing if that’s what your referring to...it’s only 2 steps. It’s just the mounting of a flat edge to a 90 degree corner. It’s easier to cut the back of the stringer with a 45 degree on each board so they form a 90 dgree cup and sit nicely into the corner. I think that by doing this I will remove approx 1” and I wanted to know if I’m correct and how to deal with it.
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Are you saying that you want to use winder stairs around the 90 degree corner?

Mark is saying you would be better off creating a landing at the corner.


Winder stair jacks do not follow the usual rise/run of the rest of the staircase and it is not possible to cut them into the same stringer as the rest of your steps.
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You guys are thinking too grandiose. Somthing like this.


I figured out how to calculate the treads for this corner stringer already, I’m just curious if the 1.414 multiplier factors in the bevel for the risers and a notch to attach it to the deck. It’s a bad diagram below but option B is the notch that gives me a good mounting surface bit my cutting it like this my stringer might be too short. I figure someone here has donte this before and knows if I need to add to the back of the stringer and by how much.


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