Please help me build a simple bench


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Hi, there. I'd like to build a simple bench (no back to the bench, just a seat) to help elevate some large potted plants. I own an electric saw (round blade, I can make simple straight cuts) and an electric drill. Since this will be used outdoors, I'll be using pressurized wood. My plan is to use 3 8 ft. 2x4s for the seat, with 2 inches between to give me enough depth. I'll nail a piece of 2x4 the depth of the seat onto each end and in the middle to space and brace the pieces. On each end, I'll place the bracing 2x4 so that I'll be able to nail a leg onto the brace. Will I need any legs in the middle or any additional supporting pieces? Should I use nails or screws? Should I put it together with any of that hanger hardware sold for making fences? Is there a good resource for learning the basics of construction? As you can tell, I'm a genuine novice at this, and will probably consider it a major success if I manage to keep all fingers and fingernails.
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You are on the right track. Use screws with square drive heads. They are easier to use.

A third leg in the middle will keep the sag out of your bench.

My website has basic carpentry help available.
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i wouldn't use 2x4 for the legs if this is a freestanding bench -mite be a little rocky sitting on it why not use 2x10 for legs, that will help support seat more and be more stable

watch your fingers

hope this helps---josh
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I'm pluggin' in the saw!!

The purpose of this bench is to elevate some plants. It's unlikely that I'll ever sit on it. If it's a success, then I'll build a twin that can actually hold humans. When that happens, I'll go for the wider legs. Thanks for your input..bring on the protective eyewear!
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Wow! I built one ****-fine bench! The only thing I didn't account for was the width of my drill! I pre-drilled holes in the legs that were 3/4 inch from the top edge of the leg, but when I tried to attach them to brace, I discovered that I didn't have that much clearance for my drill! I had to re-mark and re-drill additional sets of holes. What do people do when they have to drill close up to an adjoining piece of wood?

Other than that one little problem and a little warping that I didn't see when bought the wood, things went smoothly. Next project: a simple arbor, but this will involve digging holes, mixing concrete and -ooh, ooh- raising and leveling 4x4s.
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Originally posted by slandish
Wow! What do people do when they have to drill close up to an adjoining piece of wood?
They use a right angle drill. It has the chuck at a right angle to the body of the drill.
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